Coinstep Introduction

Take care of your health and fill your wallet with Coinstep!


The best partner for your health and wallet

Coinstep, in partnership with the CLC Foundation, the publisher of the Caloriecoin, is an innovative pedometer application that pays you in Caloriecoins according to the number of steps you walk; to promote human health

Take care of your health and fill your wallet with Coinstep!

Coinstep Feature

Coinstep has various functions other than being a simple pedometer

Various Exercise Data

In Coinstep, you can see the number of steps as well as your walking time, distance and calorie burned in real time.

Crypto reward

Unlike traditional pedometer apps that compensate you in points, Coinstep compensates you with Caloriecoins cryptocurrency

Great usability

Simple user experience design for intuitive and convenient usability

Various uses

We will support interpersonal remittances, purchases of goods and services as well as transactions through exchanging worldwide

Listing in Crypto-exchanges: Scheduled in 2019

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Coinstep Video Introduction

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Coinstep is a blockchain based app that is leading the 4th Industrial revolution Era. Unlike a classic pedometer app that gives you points, Coinstep pays you with Caloriecoin as a compensation
Points are variable-free and expire after certain period of time whereas cryptocoins gain in value overtime through individual transactions and crypto-exchanges
Is cryptocoin hard? Coinstep isn`t! All you need to do is that installing Coinstep and as you walk, according to the number of steps, you will accumulate Caloriecoin
Caloriecoin(CAL) can be used as cryptocurrency in order to purchase goods using the Caloriecoin wallet application.
Listing in Crypto-exchanges: Scheduled in 2019



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